First the old office. A study in comparative cultures and attitudes towards ourselves. Notice the wall of failed build CD's. Notice how being haunted by past failures in this environment seems to make sense.

Notice the smiley face mug near my hand. Notice the soothing stress balls. Notice the paper behind my head, Keller's recipe for the best roast chicken ever. A priceless document scavenged from the bowels of the Internet and the only real treasure one can expect to find in cubicle-ville.

Notice the shirt that says DREAM contrasted with the general lack of dreams..

Ok, enough of that.

Now the new office.

Mark, you'll notice that even without stepping out the door there is much fall goodness to be had here. But your reminder does not go unheeded and is well appreciated. I won't forget to go find the real mountains too.

This is the conference room. Still 1-man show so we don't have to worry about OSHA regulations for cliff-side offices.

Leisure room. Sadly no dart board. You can't have everything.