So just slammed into subversive's:
170002: Unknown authorization method

after switching my project over from subclipse 20 minutes before since I'd become totally fed up with strange 'this directory is already in the repository' comments and general arcane error messages that must be cleared with oddly named menuitems. Do I lose cool points for saying I'd be more than happy to go back to cvs? I understand the svn arguments, but really scm is 99% the eclipse plugin and 1% source code management theory for me.

Thankfully Igor at Polarion seems to have sorted subversive in 1.0.1... Oh except for the fact that 1.0.1 seems to rogered everything and now it tries to connect to svn%20ssh instead of svn+ssh. Sweet. He says it'll be fixed Friday. I think that was 2 days ago.

happily reverting subversive 1.0.0RC2 seems to have worked, although it did delete all of my repository information & disconnect me automatically for all of my projects without asking nicely...

Thankfully GWT continues to be a favorite bauble. Most of my complaints are based simply on my impatience. Integrating Acegi is going allright, although it has exposed some tradeoffs that are important to keep in mind. If you'd like you com.myco.client.domain.User to implement acegi's UserDetail... you're in for a bit of frustration as even once you figure out that you need to have the source included in you 3rd party acegi.jar, you're still stuck with futsing with module.xml's and inheritance etc that will soon make you run for cover.

com.myco.server.domain.ServerSideUser extends User has sorted me for now, although the proliferation of workaround code continues.

Starting to poll for developers to enlist in aid of my new project. This is not a dig on my friends, but I'm starting to wish I'd spent a bit more time playing video games in college and getting to know the code kittens. These artsy well rounded types can program worth a damn.