or have they always been? I forget?

So I go to check out Google Reader... Not that I don't love my sage, but when the 500 lb. gorilla dances... um... you dance with it? I'm not really sure where I was going with that. It's all getting a bit graphic.

Ok hmm importing a list... ok it wants OPML fine, never heard of it. And sage? Hell's yeah, export to OPML. Now just import into google... and kabam. Very not happy.

Ok, we're back from Google message's temporary lapse. Cool, I can mouse scroll through the list... but it doesn't select anything. hmm. Maybe they're "Getting Real" & getting the product out there, bugs be damned.

Overall I guess it's allright. Getting my news reader away from machine dependencies is good, although I'm mostly just happy that I found the import/export in sage. I like my information all layed out before me.