Books aquired:
  • Bully for Brontasaurus, Gould

  • The collected pdf's of John Searle

Books held in hand significantly at bookstore:

Books read:
  • The System of the World, Neal Stephenson

Well, the beast that is the Baroque Series is finalement slew. It is a true testament to a work of fiction that the last 80 pages of your nigh-on 3000 page odyssey are things to savor and nothing at all like the grim dregs of a cup of flip gone wrong. One can only hope that Eliza de la Zeur will return in another time. I am very much unfinished being in love with her.

The Searle bears explaining I suppose.

Oh and all apologies to Nick Hornby. My use of your lovely format is intended only for personal use. All other use is expressly unintended and wholy unexpected as you can clearly see by the number of people that frequent this blog.