here's one thing I'm done with. Experimental ambient sound.

Wilco 'A Ghost is Born,' track 11 minute.. about 7:00 to 9:00. I'm listening to it right now. Why? I'm mostly scared it's going to hurt my ears. This won a whole bunch of awards for best blah blah of the blah blah. I bet the reviewers skipped this bit though. Track 11, album's almost over... next.

Is this fit for anything but skipping? Does anyone listen to this track regularly? Hey, put that on? Yeah, groovy. You can't exactly dance to it, but.. I like it. It sounds like.. like.. 'A stoned dude with keyboard effects?' Yeah. Ok fine, the ability to listen to it regularly isn't really a good criteria. I'll grant that. But how about just ever.

Do I lose artistic legitimacy for not being able to take this?

Allright, it's still going. I was going to listen to it so that you wouldn't have to, but I'm done. No more suffering for the masses. If you want to know what it sounds like you'll have to do it your damn self. The bit I listened to sounded a bit like being in a a warehouse with some some weird aliens trying to open a portal into our world or something. You know what I mean. Don't pretend you don't.

Of course I do kinda like this album...