free audio classics pretty trippy really.. text-to-speech of the classics.

But Goblet of Fire, my goodness. Friggin AMAZING! 10x better than Narnia, which just seemed to be a 1:40 minute battle sequence, complete with such amazing dramatic moments as having one brother get stabbed when we all know that his sister's got the potion to 'fix all wounds.' How are things like this dramatic? Maybe we'll be forced to watch a scene of her running to come get him? Maybe she'll be waylaid and we'll end up cutting between her and her assailant and his dying body, but guess what I think it'll turn out ok.

Now option 3 would be for her to give him the potion and then it doesn't work, and then they go find santa and are like 'WTF?' and maybe we can fit another battle in. Like an elf vs man battle. That would be kinda cool.

But yes, Harry Potter was 10x better. Somebody told me they saw weeping shell shocked kids at the end of their performance. I'm not surprised. But awesome pacing. Awesome directing. Way to make the hard choices and not waste precious time on minutes of quidditch scenes that'll look good in previews.

Of course I still say I'd sign a promise to go see it twice if they release the next one in 2 parts...