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Sometimes people ask me what it's like being a code kitten.

This little animation pretty much sums it up. At least on GUI days.

...Totally GridBag baby.

The Wine-Journal is a much happier place though. With great stuff like The Drinking Years: 1983 "vs" 1985 Claret & I Drink, Therefore I Am, how could you possibly go wrong. Plus he had good things to say about my 2000 Clerc Milon, so a big double woo there.

Chess club was fun, but I may need a little break from the French. The game looked a lot like this one up until 10 ..h5 (which I don't really understand. Anyone?) I ended up castling queen side, but things get awful tight after that. Got the pawn at e5 and got the other one to f6, but then his bishops made the middle a total morass. Bah. Eventually let him get a rook on the h file and I think that was the real difference. 1-0