1) potatoes dauphinoise turned into more of just a fry then a real baked creamy thing because honeslty I couldn't justify using more cream after I'd made the creme brulees. Impatience reared it's ugly head though, and though they actually ended up being quite tasty, not enough of them were finished by the time we sat down so I didn't even officially serve these..

2) Chicken stuffed with mint was wonderful. It really perfumed the meat wonderfully. As for the 'riesling craquer' well.. the research will simply have to continue. My oven is a bit lame, so the broil was really more like a bake and there was no real craquering like I'd imagined. I suppose using the creme brulee torch is the next option, but I think that will be quite the experiment in subtletly in itself. I don't think anybody wants that lovely burned sugar taste on their chicken. The tahini-white-sauce was actually a nice sucess and it came out of the little squeeze bottle very nicely to work as a late decoration. Oh also did some little fried, shaved, potatoes here which were nice although they ended up being more latke-esque than I'd imagined. I'd wanted them to be more just little atomically fried things that you could push around in the sauce.

3) Creme Brulee. So pissed. Both William & Sonoma can kiss my little butt. This is twice that I've made the recipe on the ramekin box and ended up with freakin cream soup. 25-30 minutes at 300? Bull-tinky. Especially considering I see the identical recipe in my other cooking book that says 35-40 minutes @ 325.

So what did I do after coming home from work to make these guys, chilling until 6pm and then finding them little cups of very rich soup? Back in the oven for another 20, then had to crank it to 450 for 5, then off to the freezer to try and speed up the 4 hours of chilling. Grrrrr. They were still soupy, but with a gorgeous brulee top from the newly filled flamethrower and a couple of glasses of wine in you they were still divine.

If I ever see Mr. William though, I'm definitely giving him a piece of my mind..