• Not that the mere mention of Zeno will be insufficient to make you click here, but his is a lovely discussion in any case.

    "Conversely, a mathematical statement is only as intuitive as its best interpretation; and it is here that the mathematical solution to Zeno's paradox comes up short. Quite simply, the mathematical solution does little to pander to instinct: it simply declares that the paradox is not real, and thus does little to add to its understanding in the layperson's mind."

    Surely you'll have to click on this as well.

  • Dammit.
    Former Lebanese Leader Is Killed in Car Bomb Explosion

    L'ancien premier ministre libanais Rafic Hariri est mort dans un attentat à Beyrouth

  • Speaking of Lebanon though, I do like Lebanese Blond and the rest of this thievery corporation cd. Nice new lounge music, it's just the thing, but I am a bit afraid that if somebody comes over to talk to me I'll order a martini and go back to chatting up this cute lamp on the desk.

  • This is an amazing occurence and should surely be of use to you if you like proving that black clouds have silver linings.

    This picture, released by the Archaeologial Society of India, shows a stone house on the beach in the town of Mahabalipuram. The deadly tsunamis have unearthed priceless relics, including two granite lions, buried under sand for centuries in southern India.(AFP/HO-ASI) Picture here.

  • chekovma writes "Orbitz has announced a new set of Terms and Conditions that take effect March 12th which require anyone who uses their website (creates an account there) to follow strict inbound linking rules. These rules prohibit a user from creating even a plain text link to orbitz.com without first notifying them and require a user to take down such a link at their desire. It also disallows any deep linking -- meaning even this post violates those terms and conditions."

  • An 'anti-american conspiracy' that sounds like a nice start to me here.

  • Internet fiction that I read and that you probably don't need to. Please remind me not to publish anything on the Internet.