• Budding Jordan cyber love ends in divorce

  • 'most undergraduate degrees in computer science these days are basically Java vocational training,' from:

    A Conversation with Alan Kay /.'ed here

  • "I turned to "The Seduction Cookbook" by Diane Brown (Innova Publishing, 2005). We would start with sweet melon with prosciutto, move on to steak au poivre with pink peppercorns, accompanied by grilled marinated portobello mushrooms. For dessert sumptuous stuffed strawberries with mascarpone cheese and dark chocolate. Natasha would sashay in at 7. By 10 she would be like rendered yak fat in my clever hands. Besides, how difficult could such a meal be?" from nytimes

  • New White House Estimate Lifts Drug Benefit Cost to $720 Billion
    In a recent interview, the new chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, Judd Gregg, Republican of New Hampshire, said he wanted to "put the brakes on the growth of entitlements" and take a close look at the new Medicare law.

    "Since it was sold as a $400 billion program, that's what we should keep it at," Mr. Gregg said.