Big zymurgy weekend. Started all three of my WE kits, the woodridge cabernet, rioja selection, and barolo vinter's reserve.

Can't wait to see how they turn out. Cabernet started fermenting only 12 hours later which surprised me, since it was the one with the nicer levlin bougruvin yeast. I do kindof wish that the other kits had come with the cerevisiae yeast, instead of the premier cuvee one, but I think that's just the beer brewing mentality talking.

The one real worry is that I might have a fermentor explosion since I wasn't wuite clear on the fact that they really wanted 8 gallon fermentors for the 6 gallons of wine... I figure my 6.5 should be close to allright, right? maybe just some changing of airlocks if the fermentation really takes off.

I sure hope so.

From the economist and /.'d here, an interesting bit about the economics of sharing.

The US nuclear bomb program.
"The cost of the nuclear program began at $4 billion a year. It is now more than $6 billion and includes a growing number of efforts to refurbish and extend the life of aging warheads."