Things to do when you've finished a bottle of McClelland's the night before:

  1. Read some dismal Krugman projections:

    "It really is that stark: any growth projection that would permit the stock returns the privatizers need to make their schemes work would put Social Security solidly in the black." Many Unhappy Returns

  2. Read about google's difficulty:

    Google's No-Google tag blesses the Balkanized web

    "Google no longer performs a monthly recalculation of PageRank values and anchor text is the most highly valued criteria for a search, he says. Which makes Google hardly distinguishable from AltaVista five years ago." here.

  3. Read about lunacy:

    Verizon blocks all email from europe.

    "Verizon three million DSL customers waiting for emails from Europe were advised to use alternative forms of communication. "If it's really important you might want to make a phone call," he said."

  4. Read about fun computer tricks: A company that makes those cool distorted text things.

    and a cool look at algorithms that break it at