Frymaster's insightful guide to a better life in canada.
    well, america, you've really done it now; signed yourselves up for another four years of imperialist foreign policy, trickle-up economics, eroded civil liberties and international isolation. if tom paine were alive right now, he'd be organizing a second revolution.

    so what are you going to do about it? capitulate and ship yr tots off to a faith-based charter school? dig in and ride it out for four years and hope the department of homeland security doesn't drag you away before the next election? head for the hills upstate-somewhere and run around in camo gear as some sort of "liberal militia"? all pretty crappy options. but there's one more you should seriously consider:

    move to canada.

A great immigration calculator from, which seems like a great site for those of us with one foot and two halves of the brain out the door.

Frymaster's enitre blog is a joy, however even his pationate vim evangelism gives me nothing but happiness for having learned emacs first.


Copy to buffer B? Honestly. I think this would lead to more nightmares than sweet nerd dreams.