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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

AWS Athena & Firehose are my new favorite hammer

I blogged a bit about how I'm using AWS Athena and Firehose at Ratelim.it to record and process usage logs. It's been super satisfying and easy to get going and cheap as anything.


If you've got a ton of data that you just need to get to S3 and you have irregular access patterns this seems like a fabulous solution. Amazing to have a Presto cluster at your fingertips for mere pennies.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Finished up blog posts on Experiments and p-Value graphs

I blogged! again!

Two new posts, the first one a riff on the AirBnB post about experiment analysis.

The second one a breakdown of the fancy Redshift SQL to create said graph.

Glad to have wrapped up these posts, they were sitting in the queue forever, and I quite like the experiment infrastructure that we've built at ezCater.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

DIY Heroku using Amazon ECS

I spoke at Boston.Rb this week and I've uploaded the slides to Slideshare. Enjoy DIY Heroku using Amazon ECS & Terraform

How to write an event ingestion pipeline

I blogged over at the new ezCater engineering blog.  I think we've built a pretty solid event pipeline for our usage tracking and AB testing and wanted to share.  Here's a preview:

Friday, February 17, 2017

RateLim.it Launched

Excited to announce that I finally managed to kick rate limits as a service out the door. A year or so in the making, but it's already been scratching my itch and solving my problems for a few months now.

I didn't intend to build feature flags in as well, but when I started coding I realized I can no longer code without them and it was just as easy to build them for everybody as it was to build them for just myself, so they're included too! (Feature flag documentation)

Two libraries so far: ratelimit-ruby and ratelimit-java. You'll never guess what they do!

Blogging about it at http://blog.ratelim.it/blog so head on over and subscribe to that to hear more. Oh and twittering at https://twitter.com/RateLimitInc

Happy rate-limiting to you!