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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 17 Netbeans Ruby and Rails keyboard shortcuts

cmd-shift-1 show selected file in project
cmd-shift-f search whole project
ctrl-tab switch between files
ctrl-shift-o open file
shift-esc maximize view

ctrl-enter ooo... redoing blocks and logic is sexy.
cmd-space actually works. sometimes. meh. cmd-r rename

ctrl-shift right/left indentation
ctrl-g goto line

cmd-shift-w close all editors

shift-enter new line below this one (sexy!)

cmd-b goto works sometimes, but 1 million times better than aptana because if it's not going to work it fails fast and never just freezes up for 40 seconds.

cmd-shift down duplicate line
ctrl-shift down move line down

ctrl-shift . expand selection
ctrl-shift , retract selection

cmd / comment
ctrl-shift-f format

Now with 4 more!
cmd-shift t open test for file (or file for test)
cmd-shift a open action for controller
cmd + expand fold
cmd - collapse fold


Anonymous said...

Is it alright to submit a link to this post in NetBeans weekly newsletter and/or from the NetBeans public wiki page for Ruby support?

Jeff Rubinoff

Unknown said...

But of course! NetBeans makes me happy daily :)

Very stoked about 7.0, it seems like it directly addresses a bunch of the little issues I have, like the keyboard shortcut search, and better shoulda support. Great work!

(fyi File->New HAML is next on my most wanted list)

akhilapriya404 said...

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