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Sunday, October 08, 2006


I'm not a particularly bilous fellow, but the advantages of disgorging one's Bile on the Internet are well known, so here goes.

One. When did NOVA become a childrens show. They just introduced the periodic table. And there's a neutron cartoon with a bungie cord. I remembered NOVA as being an interesting show operating with a small assumption of a shared scientific background. No? Maybe that was just me.

Two. Tony Kornheiser. Now there's a reason to listen to football on univision like I do for the world cup (side-bile: ABC, here's how you sort this out. Fly to Dublin. Go into a pub. Find a mean looking guy and knock him over the head and drag him back. Now fly to Italy, Turkey and Mexico. Repeat. Give them all microphones & free beer. Now you're sorted. Repeat for all major sports telecasts except wrestling, which would be much more entertaining hosted by the 5 queer eye guys. Actually have them host everything on your network. Them or the MST3K guys.) The only good news to come out of this is that I've never really like Joe Theismann's style much, but now I really like to hear him get irritated w/ Kornheiser, since I'm so darn irritated myself. If there's a rumble in the studio at some point this season I promise I'll watch more than 2 games next year. But c'mon, he sounds like a man who's never watched a football game. And my god he wouldn't shut up about the game being over. Who does that? Isn't the whole point of commentators to get you to stay there and watch the ads until MNF finished at 1:30 in the morning in some 37-10 rout? But now I've got Kornheiser calling the game after the half and giving me special insight into the fact that the momentum isn't going their way. Bring back Dennis Miller. He didn't belong either, but who cares.

Erm Three. Not sure. I'll think of something. I told you I wasn't very bilous. Um.. the state of health care in the US. Not very bilous eh? fine. go see hani.

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