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Monday, March 13, 2006

why I like being a programmer

A couple reasons why I like being a programmer:

  • There exists a task to deploy your war file to Tomcat. But using the oh so odd configuration of Windows XP & Tomcat 5.5 & Ant 1.6.5 actually trying to run this task just fails, and you don't know why until you find a post called:

  • -First off, you get to be on the cutting edge.
    -Even better, you get to buy books written by the actual authors of these opensource packages.
    -But most fun is reading about your fellow plebian developers getting smacked down on public forums by these same developers for not being able to figure stuff out.
    Stop arguing with me, and obey the migration guide! Down boy!

  • Long winded comparisons of how different web frameworks handle really simple tasks, and no examples anywhere of anyone doing anything half as complex as anything that seems to be of any use. But perhaps that's better described over at the Bile Blog.

Friday, March 10, 2006

photo splash

I swear I had no idea that pink and yellow clashed this much. I assure you I'm taking steps for next season.


This is the beginning of my in-office vineyard. Don't rain on my parade.

I worked on this boat for an entire summer back in 2000, and I can tell you that I have more experience with varnish & that tap rail than anyone in their right mind should have. And that's not even getting into the joys of repainting the chain locker.. Anyway it looks like somebody new has purchased her from the pair that I worked for and pushed the marketting up a couple notches. I can't say it's not worth it though, she a pretty great sail and has pretty much spoiled me for life as far as the big boats ae concerned..