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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

movie review: proof

This is a bad movie.

No wait, I can't say that. I can't say that because in Proof, we're using this neato gimmick that the script writing committee came up with to impress us with the amazingly rational minds of our protagonist mathematicians. Instead we must attempt to 'prove' the opposite...

Proof is not a good movie.

1) M_good = ( intriguing plot U characters U dialog U information U intangible goodness )

2) M_proof ( lame plot U rapist hero U 1-trick pony dialog U prime numbers = neato! U nope )

3) M_proof U M_g = null

4) thus Proof != good


1) Define M_good as the set of Movies that are Good.
This can be expressed as the Union of:

  • intriguing plot
  • >1 character of interest
  • Snappy dialog that actually works
  • Dissemination of information that merits interest
  • Some movies work anyway, right? We need to be complete.

2) Define M_proof as the set of Proof, the movie.
This can be expressed as the Union of:

  • Wait, she's the smart woman mathematician of lore? No PhD required to see this coming. And no, you can't just jiggle time around trying to confuse me and substitute this for plot. Memento was good. I know. You're not Memento.
  • Her, I can take or leave. Dudley or whatever the hell? I'm going to call the cops if he gets near her again. Dude, see the girl that winces every time you try to kiss her and is too socially awkward to throw you the hell out? Yeah, her father died today too, so stop boning her, k?
  • Now I might be wrong, but I think she misquotes her father in the beginning while dis-'proving' his theory that she can't be crazy. He says crazy people don't ask themselves if they're crazy, not that they can't say they're crazy if asked. Fine, nitpicky, but you don't go proving without precision. Send her back to ass-u-me.
  • Research on this movie consisted of about 5 minutes on Wikipedia, or 3 minutes googling "fun math fact" AND prime. What did she prove again?
  • Negative. Although I did like the ending credits. It looked like multi-cultural day at Northwestern.

3) The union of the two sets is the null set.
4) Go watch Wallace & Gromit.

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