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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

civilization 4

Well, now you've gone and done it. You've wasted another perfectly good 12 hours of your life playing civ 4.

A little background though. I'm not a super gamer. I'm a normal guy. I have friends. I get to work by 9. (ok so 9:15, but if I'm too tired to work before then it's not useful to be there, right?) Let's list a couple hypothetical things that it would be highly unusual for me to do:

  1. Wake up at 7am
  2. Get to work at 11:15
  3. Bail on a cool party
  4. Go to bed at 4:30am
  5. Get to work at 11:30

But this is just what civ4 has made me do. Maybe I should put up a neato little graft of my 'get in to work' time.

Anyway, yes, it certainly has that 'just one more turn' thing. I laughed when I heard that there's now an alarm feature, but perhaps I should look into enabling that.

The game is probably the best yet, although I've just completed one game so far. There's definitely less focus on micromanagement, which seems like a pretty good thing, although it did leave me feeling a bit like I wasn't in total control. Enough of the game mechanics are different that I had no problem letting the AI sort out which tile improvements to build while I bungled around the interface.

One thing that I should mention about the first play is that I just sat down and played, no manual, no tutorial. Thankfully I'll be separated from my computer for the thanksgiving weekend and will have a good bit of time to read el manual cover to cover, but for now, the interrface is pretty friendly.

It may be a while before I even get around to installing Age of Empires, but I'll certainly still fire up doom 3 now and again. It still scares the pants off me, and the glee of playing at just about any res/aliasing/detail mode is pretty nice. Haven't got around to clocking it yet, but it was definitely going so fast I needed to put on the vsync..

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