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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

laptop received

George Bush Doesn't Like Black People

So newegg is of course the best ever, and my new Acer TravelMate TM3002WTCi arrived safely, soundly and as quick as can be.

Opened it up and my goodness it's light. They weren't joking about 3lbs. Even loading the CD-drive, power adapter, and the extra battery in the computer bag I still feel like I've forgotten to put the laptop. Unscientific comnparison weighed the power-supply from my old laptop ('SpaceHeater', an Alienware Area-51 behemoth) with the new computer and big battery and found it even. Goal #1 acheived.

Opened it up and started loading everything on there. Firefox 1.5 Beta... Microsoft Money... Picassa... ITunes...

Episode I
Go home. Open up new computer to setup wireless. Open her up and... GACK! ScanDisk! eeek! It finds nothing and we proceed... To a weird windows netherworld. Explore.exe has hung, so no start menu, but we can ctrl-alt-delete and run programs from there/restart.

Restarting has no success. We are sort of pseudo-logged-in to a failed session.

Eventual solution is a safe-mode startup, which clears away whatever ghouls were there.

Still, morale is low.

Episode II
And now I come to the first annoyances of new computers generally. Loading all your accumulated shiznit from the old computer. 120 GB external drive to the rescue, right?? Well, sortof.

So the new Acer ('Acer Lil'Darlin') has it's 60GB split into two 26GB partitions. Or physical drives? One would presume not. Oh yes, and I realize the math is imperfect, but don't blame me, I'm as miffed as anyone. So we want our 12GB of music on the D:\...
1) Copy MyMusic from old computer to HDD.
2) Copy MyMusic to D:\ on new computer.
3) Update iTunes to new d:\MyMusic location....
4) iTunes recognizes nothing.
5) Open itunes xml file... everything is hard linked to "c:\Documents..." Bah Humbug!
6) Move D:\MyMusic to d:\blah
7) Import d:\blah into iTunes and then delete d:\blah..
8) iTunes's got it all now, but... no playlists. Bah Humbug!

Picassa wasn't much better, but I retain hope for this one. I copied the MyPictures directory over, and all is well, besides the loss of all my labels. Where are they? Where have you hidden them? The googleplex? I have no idea, and apparently this question is not one of the Frequently Asked.

Episode III
The Micro-$perience

Time to make this a production machine, let's Microcize! or not.
Sigh, not too many details here, but let's just say that they've gotten a little better about copy-protection in Redmond. But what's a boy to do?? Key-generation? Phone-call activation engineering? Go load an old copy of Works? Actually go and buy the darn thing? Of course not!

It's open source baby! Yep open office 2.0 Beta for me! Click, bam, and on your way. Looks neato too (well, neato for a productivity suite) except that I can't do View->Normal!! Why not oh lords of the open source!? Must I code it myself? Who wants View->Print Layout anyway? It breaks my train of thought.

Apparently yes, I must code it myself.
other's comments
Bug 4914

So far so good.

Light as all get out.
Still a great deal.
Battery life is as billed, and great easy to use power-saving-settings.

Delete key is a sponge. (Why oh why?! A spongy key ok, but delete?! Sigh. Couldn't it have been F11??)
That one worrying scandisk thing..

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