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Friday, September 23, 2005

Week 1&2 Wrap-up

Week 1&2 Wrap-up

Question: What is the best way to be a dismal failure at fantasy football?

Answer: Frankly there are many paths to this noble end.

To answer this question let's ask some of the coaches in our humble league.

First off would have to be Coach Lorenzo and the woesome Capitalists. In a league defined by parity, the Capitalist stand alone as total losers. Through 2 weeks, no other team has been able to lose both their games. What's gone wrong? It would appear that having the accepted #1 RB in all of fantasy has not been enough to make up for the extra-special dismality of starting William Green in the first two weeks. Despite his consistency (week 1: 1pt, week 2: 1pt) he has been unable to make up the difference and push ther Capitalists over the top. Thus far, the "Team of a thousand QB's" has yet to find a way to implement their dreaded 4QB set. Until Kerry Collins starts playing RB, look for more of the same.

Secondly we'd have to ask coach Hogue how they've scored a measly 109 points thus far. Sadly his results have not been as successfull as the Capitalists, and they have managed to scrape a game off the equally repugnant Tetons, but against next week's halfway decent WhoTheFCares, look for the downward spiral to continue. Sadly, even the #2 and #3 RB's in all of FF can do nothing for a team that persists in leaving them on the bench.

Thirdly we move to the sadly deformed Potato Farmers. The presence of the #1 kicker in football on this woesome team should to show that Having too many players from Cincinnati on a team does not go unpunished. Look for these misfits to be cruelly malled in the belly of the retooled Bootymen this week.

Tied for next-worst are the Tetons and Bandits, though these are two very different teams. The Tetons carry the #1RB & #1WR into week 3 and seem to be accelerating after a goose-egg laying week 1. The Bandits are a mishmash that reads like a waiver-wire with the notable addition of Daunte Caulpooper. Look for these misfits to continue middling along agains the softball Capitalists until the wheels come off Fred Taylor and Antawaan realizes everyone else spells his name differently and slips back into obscurity.

The Bootymen are next up, but they are clearly in a rebuilding year and can't be blamed for anything.

The Hinglish are achieving decent results with a rag-tag bunch of half-breeds, but their beauty is only skin deep, their bench is a pack of castaways more fit for celebrity-jeopardy than professional football and he's currently planning to start two players on bye-weeks. Look for a mid-season fade to obscurity here.

The Bliss are the new team in town and currently 3rd on the depth chart. Stimied in thriller in week 1, and victors over the sad Gentlemen in week 2, the Bliss have yet to truly prove what they're about. Watch them follow in Big Ben's footsteps.

And now the upper echelon. The rare air trodden on by only those with more luck than the rest of us. This said, the Yankees so far have taken the amazing lead in points against. Averaging almost 100 points a game shoudl keep them in good sted until the magic wears off Donavan. Look for the Bandits to find this out first hand this week.

And then our one and only 2-0 team. With 8 players in the top 10 at their position, the Who personifies consitency so far. Able to easily match and beat their oppents by comfortable margins the Who continues to be the league favorite. If Larry Johnson starts showing his backup status, Matt Hasselback remembers he's from Seattle and bye weeks start striking, this could all change in a heart-beat...

The Polysyllabic Spree

So Nick Hornby's Polysyllabic Spree is the only physical manifestation of my personal culture spree of last week when I subscribed to the believer and the n+1 magazine mentioned in that times article. Thankfully the websites both had little 'welcome new york times magazine readers' marquees, so I felt comfortably at one with the masses and not at all as if I were treading on some forbidden brooklyn-ite literati ground. The true luminaries have surely moved on to things less fasionable, though I suppose this is precisely the sort of knowing-cynicism that I enjoyed discounted in the same article.

Happily his articles in the book are fun and short enough that I can read them at work and not feel like I'm reading books at work. The small 'form-factor' of the book is also good for shoving under the desk quickly, just in case someone who doesn't understand the subtle distinctions in mid-work reading happens to come by.

Some of you will also want to make sure to check out this wall of video game systems which seems like some form of Jackal-lover heaven.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

From IXDP into WSDT...

IXDP now WSDT...

Commentary here.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

laptop received

George Bush Doesn't Like Black People

So newegg is of course the best ever, and my new Acer TravelMate TM3002WTCi arrived safely, soundly and as quick as can be.

Opened it up and my goodness it's light. They weren't joking about 3lbs. Even loading the CD-drive, power adapter, and the extra battery in the computer bag I still feel like I've forgotten to put the laptop. Unscientific comnparison weighed the power-supply from my old laptop ('SpaceHeater', an Alienware Area-51 behemoth) with the new computer and big battery and found it even. Goal #1 acheived.

Opened it up and started loading everything on there. Firefox 1.5 Beta... Microsoft Money... Picassa... ITunes...

Episode I
Go home. Open up new computer to setup wireless. Open her up and... GACK! ScanDisk! eeek! It finds nothing and we proceed... To a weird windows netherworld. Explore.exe has hung, so no start menu, but we can ctrl-alt-delete and run programs from there/restart.

Restarting has no success. We are sort of pseudo-logged-in to a failed session.

Eventual solution is a safe-mode startup, which clears away whatever ghouls were there.

Still, morale is low.

Episode II
And now I come to the first annoyances of new computers generally. Loading all your accumulated shiznit from the old computer. 120 GB external drive to the rescue, right?? Well, sortof.

So the new Acer ('Acer Lil'Darlin') has it's 60GB split into two 26GB partitions. Or physical drives? One would presume not. Oh yes, and I realize the math is imperfect, but don't blame me, I'm as miffed as anyone. So we want our 12GB of music on the D:\...
1) Copy MyMusic from old computer to HDD.
2) Copy MyMusic to D:\ on new computer.
3) Update iTunes to new d:\MyMusic location....
4) iTunes recognizes nothing.
5) Open itunes xml file... everything is hard linked to "c:\Documents..." Bah Humbug!
6) Move D:\MyMusic to d:\blah
7) Import d:\blah into iTunes and then delete d:\blah..
8) iTunes's got it all now, but... no playlists. Bah Humbug!

Picassa wasn't much better, but I retain hope for this one. I copied the MyPictures directory over, and all is well, besides the loss of all my labels. Where are they? Where have you hidden them? The googleplex? I have no idea, and apparently this question is not one of the Frequently Asked.

Episode III
The Micro-$perience

Time to make this a production machine, let's Microcize! or not.
Sigh, not too many details here, but let's just say that they've gotten a little better about copy-protection in Redmond. But what's a boy to do?? Key-generation? Phone-call activation engineering? Go load an old copy of Works? Actually go and buy the darn thing? Of course not!

It's open source baby! Yep open office 2.0 Beta for me! Click, bam, and on your way. Looks neato too (well, neato for a productivity suite) except that I can't do View->Normal!! Why not oh lords of the open source!? Must I code it myself? Who wants View->Print Layout anyway? It breaks my train of thought.

Apparently yes, I must code it myself.
other's comments
Bug 4914

So far so good.

Light as all get out.
Still a great deal.
Battery life is as billed, and great easy to use power-saving-settings.

Delete key is a sponge. (Why oh why?! A spongy key ok, but delete?! Sigh. Couldn't it have been F11??)
That one worrying scandisk thing..

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

laptop buying

and the winner is....

the Acer TravelMate TM3002WTCi from newegg.

But what a process. Asking yourself what the best small, portable laptop is can be quite the rabbit hole. There are so many laptops to choose from it's nauseating. Then I see a 25% off Thinkpad x40 for a Lenovo Back to School sale! Damn. $1600 for an x40 seemed like it might be too good to pass up.

But I still jones more for those Toshiba's. The Toshiba Portégé R200 is clearly just amazing, but I didn't come into this wanting to spend that much. The seemingly discontinued, but wonderful R100 on the other hand, now that was the definite #2. But no bluetooth! arg! I'm really so excited to get to the shining bluetooth place in the sky that I just couldn't bear. Plus an extra $400, plus it's much slower and I'm a pretty impatient guy. Still, that battery life and that sex appeal were durn tough to turn down.


Now my finger is hovering over the 'submit order' dammit! and you can just buy a little bluetooth USB thing..

but 20GB of space, $400 and 6.5ghz? aarrg! I hate this.

ok it's done. save for a good 25 minutes ogling the R200. But no bloody CD-Drive, made me think of the pain in the neck it will be to load things on there. Plus Chessmaster only runs with the CD in it... Besides it came out to $2260 when I put on battery #2 and that's a bunch of cabbage. Still, always difficult to not come home with the shiniest one.