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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

more xbox 360 screen shots.

sigh. The newest one. Details of the challenge here. ah well. Not really a very exciting picture, oh well. Seriously though, I give it a D+, since I really don't think I'm very hard to impress. She has a lot of hair. Lovely. This looks like box-art. I want in-game wowery. c'mon gamem8ker. I bet you're not even half as kingly as Virgil Tatum. Really Edelman, it's a bit of fun and all but is it actually working? At all?

Oh and as a side note on my continual interest in viral marketting and ARGs, did anybody see the 'missing audi a3' link in the grilling issue of food & wine?

I mean honestly people. Who tears themselves away from Bobby Flay's grilling tips to go type in a URL and immerse ourselves in an alternative reality. C- audi. You want foodies to come look at your car? have a raffle for a bottle of la tache. Seriously.

I'll even set it up for you.

If you give me a bottle.

Oh and stop visitting my site looking for info on IXDP.pk. I don't know anything and if you're yahoo-ing all over creation's blogs looking to beat the market on little $1.80 stocks then you're going to get your butt burned off one of these days and you should concentrate on doing whatever it is you get payed to do. Here. It's going to go way way up. That's what I think. No go buy some more and make me rich.

But don't fret. You can always still watch this. (6 semi-clothed japanese dudes singing) from guabancex.

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