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Thursday, April 28, 2005

xbox360 screen shot? ourcolony.net? viral marketing?

Sigh, more viral marketing. Sadly this one seems far less interesting than the last alternative reality game I came across. So far I've spent far more time trying to remember my password to the damn site than careening across the 'in-game' world. Oh well, here's the pic:

New Xbox 360 screen shot? Posted by Hello

One would presume this is a picture from the new xbox, right? I mean what with the method in which it was discovered and all. Not exactly a blow you away kindof shot though, so that's a bit confusing. I mean, grass and flowers, woo. This seems a bit done. You'd think you'd want to take this thing for a bump mapped extravaganza run, right?

ahh. ok. I see now. this makes more sense. The folks over at teamxbox.com think that the 'I' shape of the photo should lead us to believe that...

A) The new xbox is really going to be called XBox-1
B) The new xbox will not output in rectangular video format, but rather to a neat little 'I' shaped screen. You'll need to upgrade your TV. Guess who sells iTVs? Yep. Apple's gonna be sooo pissed.
C) I've misidentified this picture as being from the xbox 360, when it's really from xbox 1, some game named Kameo, but of course we'll just have to stay tuned for the super duper cool shot that says 'II' or somesuch like that and blows us all away by being to see every little bug on every little leaf, etc.

I'll leave you to these choices.

But yes, perhaps you think I'm a kook and that there's no reason to think this is real and you don't even have an ourcolony.net login that you can't remember your password too. Well fear not. Go there, the answer to the dumb riddle is 'play' then you can join a team like mine with the teamid: 73077686 and then.. and then... the big payoff!? Erm. You can wait for puzzles that seem amazingly hard, but for which it's fairly easy to google for answers.

Here's the reasoning behind one of the answers:
Answer: round circle

* Reasoning: Six images were discovered in threads named "i am where you talk." on the following five forums:
1_TeamXbox (here),
2_Unfiction (here)
3_IGN: Xbox forum ()
4_Xbox-scene (here)
5_Xbox.com (here), and
picture_6 (here) at the gamem8ker's (here ) Myspace profile page.
The letters sCt in picture 6 pointed to the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who was an owner of the White Hart. Picture number 5, the werewolf motif, and the 10^3 + 10^3 or 1000 + 1000, or KK in ASCII in picture 1, point to the poem Kubla Khan (here). The poppies in picture 3 confired S.C.T.'s connection as he was addicted to opium and wrote Kubla Khan while using the drug. Picture 2 contains latitude and longitude coordinates in close proximity to Area 51, while picture 4 shows 4+3 in it. Words 4 and 3 from line 51 of the poem Kubla Khan are "round circle". This picture (here) was rewarded for solving the challenge.

Frankly I think the likelihood of anyone actually figuring this out is about .01%, which just means that Microsoft also has employees playing this game for them. I guess the idea is to make everyone who just googles for the answer impressed by how smart the community is? I dunno.

So.... yeah. um. let's pre-order an xbox or whatever these marketing geniuses want us to do. right. This is awesome stuff. I can't wait till they start massive marketing campaigns like this for toilet paper. Woohoo! Crack the mysterious disappearing Downy case.

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Anonymous said...

Hilarous post. I'm glad that someone is recognizing the hype is getting a little crazy.