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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Viral Marketing.

Absolutely amzing. Is William Gibson's Pattern Recognition just amazingly prescient about the future of marketing? or are companies just getting bored and throwing money around.

So here's the latest one I've heard of:

Impressively (since I never click on ads) the link to this man's page on kuro5hin got me to go to Virgil King of Code, which was a nice site and all, but one on which something was clearly up. Creator of every #1 video game from 1987-1992? I think not..

Now I just bailed at this point and asked google, (sorry, low tolerance for 'playing the game') which via QuarterToThree.com brought me to... surprise, surprise audi.com. Now audi you say, why would they care about mr virgil? And how is this possibly related, and oh my goodness let's go buy an audi!

So you click on the 'know anything about this missing car bit'...

And I was still a bit confused until you check out.. Last Resort Retrieval which through a nicely done little 'buggy' login will let you login to their internal email, photo, etc. Yes that's right, you can peruse all sorts of neat art heists...

And then I got bored and decided to just blog this instead of poking around anymore. Sorry Audi, and sorry to whatever ad agency (blue ant?) that put all this together for you. I'm driving my saab until I can switch to a horse.

Of course I did help calm my curiosity that you can just skip to the end, heist.smirkbox.com has a nice summary of the entire little virtual world. Created by the developers? I'm not sure.

Still though all this work and no rss feed so that I can just read the feed and see when they change stuff in their little virtual world? shame now...

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