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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


In celebration of the great nation of california and March 29th, 1848
when an upstream ice jam stopped almost all water from flowing over
Niagara Falls....

The first annual ZIN-FIN-FEST!

The Brick Testament

This site is just so amazing that I'd be remiss if I didn't try to make sure everyone who wandered by here had a chance to see it.

-Zinfandel worthy moussaka
-Pasta so fresh, you'll still be making it by the time we start eating.

Also live performances including:

-A stunning and death defying re-enactment of Westy and Rory's ski
trip involving all of the couches in the apartment.

-A soul-touching duet of sarah and daniele's trip to california sung
to the melody of something inspired by but not particularly reminiscent
of the Postal Service.

Festivities begin at approximately, and this is just a big finger in
the air kind of number, 8? Wait 8:30. No 8. How hard can moussaka be?

Pasta production will begin before that and if you'd like to make sure
you'll be able to snag a glass of wine before we switch over to
genever (gin) and beer (beer) kopstoots('head butt') you're more than
welcome at any time.

17 school st. apt A-2, although this is less specific than you may
think. There is a parking lot in back of 17. Go through there. Go up
the stairs, staying right. If all else fails err towards eggplant
smells and wanton cursing.

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