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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Panda Scandalled!

First an update on the hottest news to hit Hanover since the curious incident of the bread in the snow. Yes indeed it appears the Panda Scandal only thickens..

But here's the big news, I think I got scandalled! Good ole MBNA gave me a ring and told me that somebody had spent $800 in southern california 3 days ago, which is not that shocking in and of itself since I'm sure there's lots of great stuff to buy there, but at a Rite-Aid? $213? That's a serious run at the candy isle man.

This does remind me of a wonderful story about someone who noticed suspicous activity on their card, but saw that it was all at grocery stores and pharmacies and a baby-supply store, for small amounts of money, and decided not to report it because she was such a compassionate soul that she kept thinking about this poor parent struggling to keep the baby healthy and fed.

But then one day there was a charge from Gap Kids so she finally reported all of it.

Analysis of the Bell Curve's statistics.

I share a birthday with Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr!

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