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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Panda House Scandal! / Flying Daggers

From the Valley News
Police Allege Credit Card Fraud
Hanover -- Police announced yesterday that they have traced 20 recent cases of credit card fraud totaling more than $10,000 to Panda House, a Chinese restaurant on Lebanon Street.

I suppose this may explain how they manage to stay in business, but honestly what a scandal!!

Oh and I'm a Chess superstar. That is what I am.

Ok, so I got my butt kicked all over the place in a particularly expedient fashion at first last night, but don't you Alvin counter-gambit me! Actually it's really cute. There's a mom and son that come to the chess club and they both play the same thing. I'm actually 2-0 when it comes to that, but the son coninues to dominate me in general. His knack for pinning and forking the life out of me is impressive in general and last night I developed some sort of knight-myopia that didn't help at all.

Anyway, the real game that was a blast was the last one. A 1:45 match that made me miss the first entire half of the House of Flying Daggers, which didn't seem like all that much of a loss. Did I miss something? I thought it was supposed to be awesome. Seriously some of these directors need to sit in the audience more, and when the whole audience starts snickering about people with a knife through their heart getting up and walking around after being dead for a while, or the love-making cinematography is so cheesy as to make the senior citizens start rolling their eyes, you need to either CUT the scene or... well I'd probably just stick with cutting the scene.

Also, how much riding through the forest do we need to see? Damn. Yes it's very pretty. But seriously I think they even played a couple of the shots twice. Hmmm, ok time to shoot a man on horse riding through woods.. but wait, we've already put 15 minutes of this in the movie, let's just use some of that footage and flip it around or something.

And don't write me off as some boarish american who needs his action fix ever couple seconds. I like Coffee and Cigarettes for goodness sake and I might have to do psychological harm to anyone who claims that The Triplets of Belleville moves too slowly. I'll watch the horse riding around if it gives me time to think of the interesting drama that's occuring, but if I'm just waiting for the dude to turn around and follow her as he's clearly going to do eventually then let's skip it. Actually let's just always skip the parts that I always know are going to happen.

Except the bit where they decided not to film what must have been the sweet battle at the end once those guys started creeping around the flying daggers house. Didn't she say Nia has a good plan? What was it? To end the movie before they had to pay everybody to do one last battle? Would somebody correct me if I actually fell asleep for this part? That's not something I normally do, but under the circumstances it's possible that my body went into some kind of predictability-seizure.

But yes, game was french opening. C02 French Advance I believe actually. I'll write more later, but long story short it was a blast and I'm indebted to GM Silman for putting his engame bit at the front of his book instead of the back, since I haven't finished yet.

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