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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

NHPR blogs / American Splendor

NHPR blogging story
Well, Laura Kinoy says blogs are here to stay, and I feel energized and rejuvenated. Geez, once NHPR hears about blogs we must be only a matter of weeks away from some sort of great liberal apocalypse that shall be marked specifically by the moment when my mother starts blogging. pinko.blogspot.com? But I jest.

American Splendor
Watched American Splendor sunday night instead of the Oscars and from all accounts that was a good move on our part. They didn't even let the 'lesser' awards go on stage? Come now. Strangely I actually watched more of the golden globes than the Oscars this year. Strange particularly because the Globes were one of the most boring things I've ever seen. Honestly, it looked like they held it in the same room I went to a Microsoft Developers Conference in once. Blech. And no host? I kept wondering whether it was some sort of edgy 'we know you'd rather be laughing so we won't let you' kindof humor, but eventually I gave in to the wiles of West Wing reruns. Only good thing about the oscars is of course the PreDickies....

But yes, American Splendor was a lovely film. Recommended. Really, made you want to go check out the actual comic books even more though. Wait, do you even call these things comic books? Anyway they looked cool.

Final Fantasy N, where n is some very large number
Wow. Watched 2 friends play this last night. I'd never seen it before. It was amazing. Basically they emailed back and forth all day to set up a 7:45 meeting, but 1 of 6 didn't get there until 8:10, and then at 8:15 when they realized they were set to go, somebody decided to 'make' new bullets or something so their character just sat down and started waving his hands in the air for 5 or 6 minutes, but then they decided to go buy one more thing, and then I think I passed out from boredom. At 8:45 though, they finally decided to enter the Omega Battle something or other, where they promptly realized that only 4 of them had gone through the door, so they all went back out. Then they all did in together only to realize that one of them needed to watch a cutscene that the others didn't, so they all went back out and waited for him to come out. I think I may have passed out from boredom here too.

Anyway, eventually they got in there and immediately cast something like a million spells on themselves before tangling with some pissed off dudes with swords things. They beat them pretty well I guess, but then a big robot kicked all their butts and they ended up in a big pile back at the entrance huffing and puffing and hoping that one of the nice people milling around would be friendly to them. I think I left at this point. Please deity let me never be infected with this.


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