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Monday, March 07, 2005

Miskatonic U. | Bankruptcy!

Miskatonic U. is this for real?? If not then I've definitely been fooled.
Check out one of their professor's 'research'
Alex Chiu's Immortality device allows humans to live forever!

and More Wonders of the Invisible World

Why Bankruptcy? Because one of those smart kids I know is blogging about it here.

the senate is considering a bill that would eviscerate bankruptcy
protection for financially vulnerable middle-class american families.
congress does bad stuff like this nearly every day, so why am i

i've been working with a professor and some other law students to
raise awareness about how terribly unfair the bill is. we're trying
to get the word out as widely as possible.

josh micah marshall, the journalist, blogger and founder of
talkingpointsmemo.com has been kind enough to set up a special section
of his widely-read blog so that a group of us can raise key issues in
a very public forum. the site receives more than 3 million visits per
month - and i'm hoping that you'll visit in the next few days.

Senator Durbin's Statement

Half of all the bankruptcies in this country are the result of medical debt. Even more shocking, in three quarters of those bankruptcies, the people actually had health insurance; they were bankrupted by uncovered medical costs.

Families with children were especially hard hit. About 700,000 children live in families that declared bankruptcy because of medical debt.

These are dignified people who have tried hard to avoid bankruptcy. Professor Warren’s study found that in the two years before filing for medical bankruptcy, 22 percent of families had gone without food, 30 percent had had a utility shut off, 61 percent had gone without needed medical care, and 50 percent had failed to fill a needed prescription. To demonize these struggling souls is unconscionable.

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