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Friday, March 11, 2005

Mead, Sir Kenelme Digbie

Byr�i betri berrat ma�r brautu at,
an s� manvit mikit;
au�i betra �ykkir �at � �kunnun sta�,
sl�kt es v�la�s vera.

[A better burden no man can bear
on the way than his mother wit:
and no worse provision can he carry with him
than too deep a draught of ale.]

from "Norse Drinking Traditions" by Gunnora Hallakarva.

Mead me up!
  • Unit conversions for Sir Digby's meads, ie How to calibrate your egg hydrometer.
  • Full collection of Sir Digby's Recipes.
    This Meathe is singularly good for a Consumption, Stone, Gravel, Weak-fight, and many more things. A Chief Burgomaster of Antwerp, used for many uears to drink no other drink but this; at Meals and all times, even for pledging of healths. And though He were an old man, he was of extraordinary vigor every way, and had every year a Child, had always a great appetite, and good digestion; and yet was not fat.

  • More ancient beverage links to shake sticks at.

The upshot of all this is of course simply that I've finally got a sweet mead and a dry mead fermenting away at home. That is of course if the yeast made it through my somewhat unorthodox pitching style that would probably have driven the right honorable Kenelme Digbie up a tree.

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