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Monday, March 14, 2005

Coffee Roasting!

So I gave mom her coffee roaster and we roasted up some of the green beans and the results were wonderful. A sumatran mandheling roasted to what I'm guessing is something like a Vienna roast for those of you who're following along at home. (Note: now that I look into this a bit more I think we definitely approached the French roast stage. Very excited to back off a bit and see what these beans are all about..) Clearly still a lot to learn, but with 8 different types of coffee that came with it I feel like Mom will soon be a pro, and that I will have to find a way to visit more often.

Sweet Maria's: A Rough Pictorial Guide to the Roast Process

I consider coffees roasted to a greater degree to have "roast character" that often eclipses "origin character". This coffee is roasted in a particular "style" where the origin of the coffee becomes secondary to the flavors of the roast. At some point between French and fire, it really doesn't matter much what the "origin character" of the coffee was ...

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