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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Cheddar beer soup / wine disappointment

Cheddar Beer Soup
Made the Cheddar Beer Soup after seeing a full 'beer-inspired dinner' at epicurious. Not sure exactly what I thought about it. Leeks are always tasty of course. Cheddar gave it a nice bite. Cheese soup textures are always a bit difficult to pin down, I'd give this one a 4/10 for texture though. Tastes good though and good for these colder days though, so I'm happy.

Mushroom Walnut Ravioli
Made some ravioli last night too which wasn't too bad. Made a mushroom/garlic/walnut filling and actually threw a green pepper in there as well. Went real heavy on the walnuts in a bid to make them more flavorful. I may retreat to adding butter next time to see how that helps, since every mushroom filling I make always seem to lack just a little. A little je ne sais quois, if you know what I mean.

Note to self though? Save ravioli night for when there are a lot of idle hands around that want something to do.

Oh, and a wine note. Drank a 2000 Cum Laude 'super tuscan' and somehow missed the point. Definitely a disappointment at $29! Reviews of this wine here certainly make it sound lovely, but I got much less. Here's the WS:
"Bright berry, mineral and cherry aromas, with hints of currant. Full-bodied, with firm tannins and a long, caressing finish. Tight now. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangiovese and Syrah. Best after 2006." 88
- Wine Spectator - 15 October 2003

Decanted for 1:30. In the glass for another hour pefore the last sip, but still closed off for me. Maybe that still wasn't enough time. Definitely not a tannic bomb like other things I've had too early though, so I'm not sure if that was it. I suppose there were flashes of interest in there, but to be honest, if I'd tasted it in a blind flight I'd be durn surprised if I would've even noticed it. Sigh.

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