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Friday, March 11, 2005

Birthday time

The feast laid out before them. Posted by Hello

So here's the birthday spread in all of its amazing glory.

Participating, L to R:
-Fresh spring rolls
-Amazing peanut dipping sauce for spring rolls, fingers and anything else that's edible.
-Sliced ricotta and feta.
-Crepe filling smorgasborg (spelled correctly on the first try thank you very much) Spinach, shrooms, feta, spinach & shrooms & feta.
-Candelabra. Masculine enough to be called the 'Mandelabra' actually.
-Gorgeous crepes.
-Ricotta & honey w/ strawberries.
-Assorted meats and olive trays with mozarrela balls.
-Strawberries & someone making an early-evening pass at them.
-Sausages with green peppers and onions.
-A bottle of Woodbridge. (Not pictured are a tasty Douro, an americanized pinot and.. what was that last guy... some tempranillo?

Also not pictured are the mint hookah and the tasty and inspired 'Foodstop Surprise' dessert par exemplar.

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