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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Baudrillard / Le Bernadin / 2 Buttons?

Glitches in the Matrix... and How to Fix Them

Glitches Reloaded

Le Bernardin receives 4 stars from the Times.

Unfortunately this is not what I'll be having for lunch today. Maybe I'll step up and go to Panera. Such class, such refinement, such "SARAH YOUR SOUP IS READY" screaming in my ear.

I'm not sure how they serve things at Bernardin, but I have a feeling it doesn't involve a PA.
Epitomizing a certain kind of class, Le Bernardin amounts to the restaurant equivalent of old money, so secure in its station that it need not strut, so practiced in its posture that it never slouches. And yet it somehow avoids stodginess and complacency, a minor miracle that, for us diners, is a major blessing.

Apple 2-Button mouse?

"Always the innovator, Apple is rumored to be developing a two button mouse! Personally, I don't think it will catch on. Two buttons will be way too confusing for your average user." here

Great collection of movies..

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