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Friday, February 11, 2005

$$$ day trading | clicking, hiding

As the official word on the street is that the future of stock options at my humble company is an offical 'maybe,' I've decided that day trading is where it's at. Who cares if you can go to lunch and come back without a mortgage? That's just the kind of fun I'm looking for to brighten up the cold new hampshire winters.

Forget the virtual brain for stock forecasts from moneybee though, I've got a new golden illusion. AmericanBulls.com. I even like the name. And when you're making money based on candlestick patterns like the CONCEALING BABY SWALLOW or MORNING DOJI STAR than what more could you want. Just make sure to remember that ABANDONED BABY means sell in any language.

Still though $100->$184 in 2 years ain't too shabby. I wonder how the tax man would impact those returns though....

Ok 100->184 over 2 years is an annualized 35% gain.

Looks like they did 45 trades over that period. so x^45 = 1.84 -> x = 1.01364. Which if we take off 25% for the tax man leaves us with 1.01023, raised to 45 = 1.58 -> $158 , which is a 25% annualized gain.

Plus $450 in trading fees over that period. hmm. I'm gonna need a couple $$$'s to start with.

hehe, check out the riaa's website takeover:

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