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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Best Movie List Ever / AARP Secret Agenda

This IMDB list of the top 250 movies is just about perfect. All it needs is an 'export to netflix' command. Seriously, Shawshank, Seven Samurai, Dr Strangelove, all right up there? I would have to bump down some of those LOTR's movies though especially the Return of the King.. Anytime you have to sit through 25 minutes of tearful goodbyes, and I'm just hoping for an orc to come out of the water and smite somebody....

But Amelie, and Eternal Sunshine right up there too? Yes. Modern Times may be a must see...

of course I'm still partial to Tommy's PreDickie's Oscar Picks, and his record against Joel Siegel, well, that speaks for itself..

Wait, old-people are pro-gay marriage?? Now this just doesn't even hold water. I can't wait to see this ad. Go USA Next!

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