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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

woohoo: ixdp boohoo: adsense

IXDP.PK: Summary for INDEX DEV PARTNERS - Yahoo! Finance yehaw, up to 2 baby! c'mon nestegg!

Just one unrelated thing however. I'm a little bummed about my google ads. They're singularly boring and they seem to have nothing to do with content of the page. I was hoping to throw in fun keywords like "I'm planning to become a personal injury lawyer," to try and get some fun things to pop up, but so far nadda. I don't think I've set it up wrong, no frames or anything, so I'm a bit stumped. I see these same adds on other people's blogs though so I'm guessing it's a generic thing. Maybe the bigboys just don't trust advertising on blogs? Or at least little podunk blogs like mine.

See? I write 'podunk' and I don't even get an ad for Al's house of podunks, nor A town called podunk nor podunkrocks.com. I mean wtf mate?

oh and one last thing. BlogSpot. I'm talking to you. 'Next Blog' needs a 'filter out spanish' checkbox someplace. I mean spanish blogs are just fine and dandy, but I can't read them. Heck just have some way for me to auto-translate em. Why oh why do I live in a society that has invented the babelfish, but somehow forgot to put it in my ear! or at least my browser? The whole idea is that you don't even need to think about it being in another language. Let's go here people.

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