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Monday, January 10, 2005

wine kits

are giving me coniptions and I haven't even started them yet. I just hope they're good enough for my humbly sophisticated palate.
Estate Series Woodbridge Cabernet If so winemaking from these guys will significantly change my bottom line, as I enjoy raiding the cellar frequently, but am starting to piece together just how this is affecting the checkbook.

Either way there's a painful 6 months to wait on the wine before I know whether I've found a newly economical way to entertain the locals, or a way to fill up my non-existent cellar with imbuvable. If the former, than by the time I know it'll almost be too late to ramp up into full production for the 06 winter-drinking months. bah. I suppose I just need to bite the bullet, but a lack of compelling success stories besides 'my white zin turned out great!' makes hesitation my demon.

someone tell me that I can make a decent table wine.. please.

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