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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

whiny emails

just sent whiny relationship email. complaining, ending.

my jaw hurts from falling after martini-inspired street hurdling.
I wonder if I've broke anything? It hurts to chew on that side.

the face scrape is fading away already.

One time my best friend really told me that people like me 'so much better when you're drunk.'

this was the content of the whines. that I have nothing to contradict this with.

right now even a rich/full/intellectually stimulating day seems more like prep work for charming drunkeness.

History of philosophy on tape? -> Snappy Homer Quotes.
Chess Club -> Self-deprecating humor
Computer Programming/Research Work -> Impetus to drink.

Sorry you read this. I promise I'll delete it once I get some vitamin D in me.

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