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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Unforgivable Blackness

Watched part of this on pbs last night, didn't even realize it's Ken Burns. Although I guess in retrospect I did see a couple of those 'ken burn's effect' moves. Here's the website: Unforgivable Blackness

It was pretty interesting story about the black boxer Jack Johnson that I'd never heard though. My two higlights?
  • After sucesfully defending his world championship title against a white man the United States Congress immediately passed a law barring the transportation of boxing films across state lines, to limit the spread and impact of this event (which in truth was something of a non-event as the fight was essentially farcical, with the other guy just trying to jump up and headbutt Jackson)
  • The attorney general caving in and agreeing to charge Jackson with a violation of the 'White Slave Act' for travelling with his girlfriend across state lines.

May my children watch a similar show like this about the ridiculous things we charge gays with these days, and may my grandchildren watch a show about whomever our society decides to outcast next.

Man, write about almost anything and adSense just puts up adds for getting your own blog, but mention the word faith.. and boom.

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