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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Today's Random News

Quite a nice smattering of things today.

Yahoo! News - Mark Thatcher Pleads Guilty in Coup Plot This is priceless. Frankly I think it can only be explained by centuries of inbreeding. I like the spirit though. Very old-skewl.

Prince Harry's Nazi Costume Criticized This reminds me of when my friend MM did Halloween as Helen Keller. Not well received. I'll stick to being benny from ABBA thank you very much.

Ark. Cops Use Taser to Subdue Nude Jogger
No wonder taser stock is doing well.

<apologetically nerdy>
To Evil! Jan '05 Edition Evil awards.

Interview with Havok (physics engine guys)

oh and if anyone has any tips for getting aspectJ to work with eclipse 3.1m4 that'd be nice too. Open source makes me continually feel like I'm either paying the price for being on the bleeding edge or that I'm woefully behind.

kuro5hin, A better blog than this one..
</apologetically nerdy>

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