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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Rio's Famous Street Sweeper | Vodka Reviews

Rio de Janeiro's most famous street sweeper, Renato Lourenco, demonstrates his samba dancing for journalists at Xavier de Brito square in Rio de Janeiro, January 25, 2005. Nicknamed the 'Smiling Sweeper' ever since he dropped his broom, ran into the middle of the 1997 Carnival parade and danced a samba to the delight of the crowd, Lourenco has been invited this year to take a break from sweeping and ride on a float of the renowned Viradouro samba school. REUTERS/Bruno Domingos

And a hugely important review of vodka by the New York Time's esteemed Eric Asimov et al. Whew! Very glad to see that my pricey Belvedere addiction was certified as the real deal, but I'll definitely have to reconsider their shocking #1 pick.

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