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Monday, January 31, 2005

Monday Monday

  • The sad sad day of j3po's departure.

  • The happy day when I found this. jedimaster.net

  • The sad sad morning after some serious self hatred involving love potion and the tangerine beef at panda haus and sadly being so full I could only take in effervescent rolling rocks while the team forged ahead with iced-teas.

Känykkä has emailed again and just like that I've got a pied a terre in Belfast. Holla if you hear it. U2 concert in Dublin beforehand?? Now we're talking. Turn up destiny's microphone baby.

U2 tickets in the states on the other hand? Ha. Ticketmaster gives me absolutely zero love and really, how can a search for tickets take 6 minutes anyway? Seriously has anyone ever suceeded in buying more than 1 ticket off the Internet way? Come on. Only ebay can help me now, but damn that's getting pricey!

Hmmm, the Fantom 120GB 7200RPM Titanium Portable USB2.0 External Hard Drive, now doesn't this look like just the thing to save my computer from internal combustion... 120GB for $100? Done.

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