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Friday, December 31, 2004

Furstenberg petition

Hmmm, not exactly sure how I feel about this Dartmouth Dean issue. Read more from the Dartmouth online.

And here if you so choose is the Furstenberg Petition
not sure if there's a keep the dean petition floating around someplace else...

I'm a little embarassed for the old alma matter to be honest. Seems like when your dean of yea so many years of experience privately grieves over not being able to accept the best class possible it might, just might, honestly have something to do with his desire to help the school. I find this a good site more likely than blaming it on some deep seated hatred for the sport of football, or athletics in general, probably stemming from not being picked for the kickball team or something like that.

I think I'd be a whole hell of a lot more inclined to send my dollars back to the mother ship if the letter I'd got from the president were a bit more focussed on ensuring me that we've got a consistent admissions policy of accepting the best candidates possible, weighting for diversity (athletic, extra-curricular, creativity and otherwise) and not just focussed on ensuring me that I wouldn't have disappointing homecoming games to go to.

The world headquarters for tracking this thing: Joe's Dartblog.

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